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  • “The great thing about Metallica's music and the lyrics, it's always going to be hopefully a motivating experience.”

    -Robert Trujillo
  • “There were a lot of different styles in the house - Motown, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, jazz - and my dad played flamenco guitar. Soon I realized that bass was what was really grooving me.”

    -Robert Trujillo
  • “You need to find a way to propel this creativity to the masses. People get brainwashed and they start to forget what's good.”

    -Robert Trujillo
  • “Writing a Metallica song is a journey and a process, and it takes time, but that's what's special about it.”

    -Robert Trujillo
  • “James Hetfield, I mean, the minute he plugs in his guitar and adjusts the tone knob, he comes up with the world's greatest riff.”

    -Robert Trujillo
  • “'Mama I'm Coming Home' is one song that I think is incredible. One of his best songs ever written. Lemmy wrote the lyrics to that.”

    -Robert Trujillo

Hard N Heavy Tourflash

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