KIRK: "some kind of monster" went too far!

  • "...To be truthful I think it is all overboard. It all went too far. I mean, everything, every aspect of it went too far, but that is what makes it what it is. It's a very extreme movie. It is extreme in the depth that it attains. You know, it is extreme in the way we opened ourselves up to the cameras. I mean, it's extreme in all the events that were, you know, brought into our lives. It is just, it's just all extreme and all went too far, and that's what, I guess that's just like part of the drama of being, you know, human."

    Hammett also addresses his role as a referee between the often dueling founders of the band, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, "I have always been the nice guy. I mean, you know, it's really amazing because I thought everyone knew that I was the referee of the band, and you know, I have been in that situation for the last 20 years, I guess this is just the first time that anyone has ever caught it on film, and that has been the one thing that has been surprising me is that everyone asks me how does it feel to get in between Lars and James? Well what people don't realize is that I was thrown in that position within the first three weeks of joining the band back in 1983, and in that position to this day. I mean, you know, whether you call it referee or a bridge or a buffer, whatever. I mean, I'm just surprised that so many people have drawn attention to it. I guess whenever I've been in that situation it's always been behind closed doors or at 4:00 in the morning or whatever. The 11th hour of recording an album or whatever, but you know. It's just, when I come to think of it, if I wasn't there, or if I just got into the thick of it with as much intensity as those guy, we might not, we wouldn't have lasted a few years. I don't know."

    das ganze interview gibts hier zu lesen:

    interessant, oder?

  • interview is ganz interessant.....
    nur das "ehhhhh, ummmmmm, you know.......!!!!!!!" geht einem nach ner weile lesen ziemlich auf n sack.....

  • jaaa kirk ist schon ein wenig durcheinander. aber wenn man sich die videos anschaut, wenn er DA was gefragt wird hat er immer eine antwort parat! O_o

    naja trotzdem. ist es nicht komisch dass das bei met andauernd passiert? erst ein projekt durchziehen, dann im nachhinein kritisieren? war es nicht z.b. auch bei load/reload so dass james sich im nachhinein beschwert hat die beiden alben seien "überpruduziert" gewesen?

  • Ich habe so das Gefühl, dass Metallica sich nicht ganz drüber einig sind, wie der Film werden sollte. Kirk ist sicher eher für einen Film der die Band so zeigt wie sie ist, Lars will damit nen hauffen geld machen und James... keine Ahnung was der will, ich denke eher in richtung kirk

    Mal sehen ob die anderen noch was dazu sagen...

  • :(Na sooo hammer oft auch nicht^^ ;)

    Seid froh, dass er nciht endlos quasselt und Müll redet wie Lars. Dann noch das "you know, ehm" dazu... PUH!

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