• Mal kurz zwischengeschoben: Wegen der Sache James/Jason, damit hier jetzt nicht wieder diese ewigen Diskussionen aufkommen, was nun zwischen den beiden ist oder nicht ist:

    Phone Interview, Jason Newsted w/ Kevin Purcell (April 5, 2002)

    Purcell: Are you still talking with James?

    Newsted: James and I are the closest in this band. I have always been close with James. There was always two dressing rooms in Metallica. There’s one for Kirk (Hammett) and Lars (Ulrich) and one for James and Jason. We had been together with each other elbow to elbow for 15 years solid helping each other realize our personal dreams and collective dreams. He and I are very much the same as real people. People that like being outside and like animals. Real people. Even country people I suppose you could say as opposed to city people. That can never be taken away. That bond is forever. I have more respect for him as a person and a musician than anyone other than my father.

    Purcell: Oh really?

    Newsted: Definitely as a musician I have more respect for him than anyone else. He’s the best rhythm guitar player in hard-rock there’s ever been and probably ever will be. As far as heavy-metal songwriting, I don’t think anybody can touch him. All those things are in tact and I don’t think anybody can argue with me about that stuff. What has happened with him and his personal life in the past year I don’t wish upon my worst enemy. He is a strong enough man that he will bounce back from this. He is writing music, they are writing music and it is ugly. I have no doubts in my mind that Metallica will once again be the kings of this metal music that they created and rose to the top of.

    Ist nur ein Ausschnitt aus dem Interview aber das zeigt wie ich finde die Situation ziemlich gut.

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