Metallica Video Game

  • Hey Leute hab was cooles gelesen:
    Vivendi ist dabei ein Metalica Videospiel zu entwickeln

    (Zitat aus einer homepage die von diesem Spiel berichtet) :

    "....The new title -- a high action, third person vehicle combat game packed with fully customized vehicles and weaponry, endless terrain and desperate, murderous opponents -- will include voice-overs from band members, incidental background music and other exclusive content from Metallica. Under terms of the contract, Metallica will also record an original song exclusively for the game along with a music video featuring elements from the interactive experience. A sneak-peek trailer of the title will appear on Metallica's new album, St. Anger, which hits store shelves on June 5, 2003, and will also be featured during the band's "Summer Sanitarium Tour" kicking-off July 4th in Detroit, Michigan....."

    ich werds mir kaufen... :bangyourhead:

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