SKOM Premiere!

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    Directors Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky were among the attendees at the 2004 Los Angeles Film Festival premiere of Metallica's $4.3 million documentary "Some Kind of Monster" on Sunday. Check out photos from Wire Image: Premiere & Afterparty

    As previously reported, the much-anticipated film will be released in small theaters in New York and San Francisco on July 9, with plans to show the movie in other U.S. markets by the fall. Metallica have struck a service deal with IFC Pictures in which the band will pick up all the marketing costs in order to control distribution of the film.
    keine zeit zu übersetzen sry muss los,bis morgen !

  • Nöööö, dauert gar nicht mehr lange. Es gibt zwei Vorstellungen beim Münchener Filmfestival. Hier ist der Link:


    Für beide Vorstellungen 30.6. und 3.7. gibts noch Karten, und das geile ist, sie kosten nur 6,50 EUR. Also Ihr Bayern und Münchener, das kann man sich wohl kaum entgehen lassen!!!

    Ran! :bangyourhead:


    LARS: Don't say "searchin' seek and destroy" and then start smiling as you're saying "destroy".
    BOB ROCK: I can't! It's so fun playing this kind of music.
    LARS: This kind of music...?! We're the most succesfull rockband in the world motherfucker, this is not "This kind of music..." Ok?
    SKOM 2005

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