Album Mixed/Title Chosen! | 16.05.04

  • MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message in the "Forum" section of the band's official web site:


    "Well, the weekend is here again and I hope yer all getting ready to party for a few days.

    "I have a couple of small updates for you and some personal updates too.

    "First off, the trip to Nashville was awesome! I took two of my friends out there and we checked out a bunch of studios and what not while we were there, did some semi-sightseeing, and went to Emerald to listen to a few more mixes.

    "I can officially say that 'Die Dead Enough' is now my favorite song. And there are no more songs left to mix. Yep, you heard me right, the album is officially mixed! There are a few slight fixes that need to be made on a couple of recalls, and we are in business!

    "I also heard from Kevin Gasser (manager) that Sanctuary Records met with Capitol Records, and in something that I have never experienced, both labels are going to work together this summer to bring you the maximum MEGADETH possible.

    "Man, the new people I am working with at Capitol and the Sanctuary people are brilliant for this strategy! I love the 2-on-1 attention.

    "I also did my first radio interview yesterday for my Godfather Alice Cooper. I was freaked out because when I read the address to the studio, it was in my neighborhood and I thought that someone printed directions to my house until I got to the last three steps. How rad is it to know that one of best buddies is in my neighborhood every week taping his show?

    "This interview will be out sometime around July 24-27th and you prolly know why, since that is near the scheduled release date for the remixes. It will be in over a dozen cities, and we will post here at who they are and when it airs soon.

    "We talked about the remixes and the new record (release date to be revealed soon), also some other crazy stuff, but mostly, it was just great to be back on the air (even if it is taped).

    "Two days ago I was out getting ready for a cover shoot for Burnn! magazine that is being done here at my home studio on Monday. You can say summer has officially arrived in my book when you can sunbath first thing in the morning while still having the first coffee of the day in pajamas.

    "There are a few more interviews next week and for the most part I want to say here before you read it anywhere else a few things:

    * This new record is not going to be 'Rust In Peace' part 2 — please don’t get your hopes up or down that it is going to be anything other than a new MEGADETH record. They are all different and equally unique, equally important, and equally beautiful to me just like you all are.

    * I am completely satisfied with the sounds on this record and I know some of you will expect everything to be a 'B C Rich' thru a 'Rockman' sound for the rest of my days, and I understand this. However, I am not going to make the same song for the next twelve years, or have the same sound for the rest of my life. I believe most of my Droogs appreciate music enough not to want everything to sound exactly the same . . . every song . . . every record. How boring would that be for me?

    * I still am unsettled on the cover, but I have talked with Bo Caldwell, our beloved Acryl, and only a small number of other artists about what I want to do. Suffice to say, now that I have chosen my title, I have the cover image in my mind.

    * I have read some of the comments about 'Kick the Chair', and am truly grateful for your points. I did find some of the comments toward each other to be uncool, but I guess that is to be expected in this big ole family of ours here. I ask you this, we are different here. The way the site is run, the way we look after each other, the way we welcome new people, etc. Remember that it is our consideration for each other that makes this place one of the best band sites on the net.

    * I would like to politely remind you that there is still mastering to be done, and that downloadable version of 'Kick the Chair' was not the final version that is going to mastering anyway.

    * There will be a promotional tour, albeit small.

    * There will be concert dates, albeit small.

    "I want to thank everyone for their opinion of 'Kick the Chair', especially that there was no, 'It ain't MEGADETH without him or him, or this or that.' I have a place in my heart for all of the past members of MEGA, but time did march on, and it is a new season for us all. I sense that you are convinced it is still business as usual.

    "Please support all of the former members by frequenting their sights and dropping them a line. Your support of them will please me.

    "Lastly, I am glad that I am going to be able to meet some more of you on the Killing Road. In fact I can't believe that page is going to be active again soon.

    "Anyway, Electra has been sitting on my lap, playing her game boy as I wrote this, and now it is time to take her to her t-ball game. So I have to sign off now.

    "One more thing: I saw someone say something about my language, my use of profanity here, that I am 'supposed to be a Christian,' etc. Yeah, you were right, I did use profanity, and I am what I say I am. You judged me. Ummmm, what does that mean?

    "So here goes my part, I love you all.

    "I leave it at that.


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