Kirk Interview | 15.3.04

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    Kirk Hammett recently spoke to the Fresno Bee recently concerning the tour and how the band survived the last 3 years. When asked about the band's therapist, Phil Towle and how he helped the band, Kirk admits there would be no Metallica today.

    "We needed to see where we were going," Hammett says. "We needed someone to steer us back to a safe zone. Phil totally did that for us and enabled us to reconnect and continue to be a band."

    And this Metallica is grown up enough to admit its problems and work them out. From the bickering within the band, to Hetfield's checking himself into rehabilitation for alcohol and substance abuse.

    "We're a lot more responsible than we used to be," Hammett says. "Some of the guys have families now. James is clean and sober; that brings a lot more responsibility and maturity to the overall vibe. We still like to have fun. We're still the people that were were five years ago, 10 years ago.

    "We haven't really lost our edge."

    On the Metallica documentary "Some Kind Of Monster", Kirk says that it shows a very human side to the band.

    "You get only so much access up to a point. That's how it was for the last two decades. With this movie we're opening ourselves up in such a unique fashion. I think it's going to surprise people at how much access we've actually given the film crew. It's a very wide-open window on how we relate to each other and how we communicate."

    "It's not so much about Metallica, makers of heavy metal music, as it is about a band struggling to stay together, to survive and make an album."

    On the current tour the band have been regularly changing the setlist, offering more for the fans.

    "We kind of avoided going into autopilot," Hammett says. "If it isn't exciting for us, the audience will be able to tell. Now that we're switching around setlists nightly, it keeps us on our toes."


    EMG TV sat down with METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett at the band's San Rafael, California headquarters in September 2009 to discuss his use of EMG guitar pickups. The clip has now been posted on YouTube and can be viewed below.

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