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    Sorry für die Überschrift...aber muha halt:
    Barry Layden from Glasgow, Scotland reports: I was reading The Daily Record (Scottish tabloid paper) on Saturday the 6th March 04 and there was an article about Jesus appearing on a road sign and it shows a photo which i have enclosed. At first i never really paid any attention to it until this morning (11th March 04) when my mum asked me if i had seen the article about Jesus appearing on a road sign, i said yes, she went and got the paper from wed the 10th and showed me what people had been writing in to say about the image. As soon as i read the comments i could see who the image was actually, not Jesus Christ but another great man, the image was of Lars Ulrich from the inside of the Black Album. I got my album out and right enough it was him.
    Hire das Bild lider etwas undeutlich:
    MUHa oder nich? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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    LARS: Don't say "searchin' seek and destroy" and then start smiling as you're saying "destroy".
    BOB ROCK: I can't! It's so fun playing this kind of music.
    LARS: This kind of music...?! We're the most succesfull rockband in the world motherfucker, this is not "This kind of music..." Ok?
    SKOM 2005

  • coool :rofl:

    ich wusste doch schon immer das lars gottes sohn ist, denn er ist ein drumgott. :prayer:
    dann fehlt ihm nur noch der heiligenschein ?(

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    ... to be continued!

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    Original von Hannes
    Lars ist unser Messias :D

    ich wusste es :D

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  • Also ich weis ja nicht, aber wenn er der Messias ist dann mach ichs wie Kirk und werde Buddhist, so nen Retter mag ich nicht haben, aber mein Dorfpfarrer wird ausflippen. Ein Drummer Messias, das steht doch nirgends in der Bibel :D

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    Original von Hannes
    Also ich weis ja nicht, aber wenn er der Messias ist dann mach ichs wie Kirk und werde Buddhist :D

    Da lernt man doch wirklich was dazu, hier mitten in der Nacht im Forum !
    Ich wußte zwar, daß Kirk Yoga macht und daß er so Wörter wie `Karma` in die Lyrics schmuggelt, aber daß er Buddhist geworden ist ?!
    Weiß da jemand mehr drüber ?

  • Muha die 2.

    Michelle Mark of the Calgary Sun is reporting that heavy metal will meet the Old Testament at a Calgary church this Sunday as an unconventional pastor bangs home the message of anger and forgiveness through the music of Metallica. Rather than listening to a sermon about honoring thy mother this Mother's Day Sunday, parishioners at New Hope Christian Reformed Church in northwest Calgary will be treated to 20 minutes of head-banging Metallica music and the band's DVD "The Unforgiven" — complete with funky lights and fog machine.

    "Seeing as Metallica is coming to town this week, we thought we'd preach a message on the heavy metal band this Sunday," said Pastor John Van Sloten.

    The tour is titled: The Madly In Anger With the World tour. Metallica plays the Saddledome tomorrow.

    "They're a lot like the Old Testament prophets who would rail against the crap that's going on in the world and somehow reflected the heart of God against the injustices and the brokenness and the hurt," said Van Sloten.

    Van Sloten has hosted similar sermons before, focusing on bands U2 and Evanescence, crooner Johnny Cash, artist Vincent Van Gogh and other famous historical figures.

    The pastor will be on CJAY 92 Thursday morning (May 6th) to talk about the connection between heavy metal and teachings of the Bible.

    "Some of these guys lived very tragic lives and it's no wonder they're so angry.

    "But this is also about working through that anger and finding forgiveness."

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