METALLICA's HETFIELD Comments On The Fate Of The 'Presidio' Recordings l 27.02.04

  • METALLICA frontman James Hetfield gave a short phone interview to Scoop of the Columbus, Ohio radio station The Blitz 99.7 FM Wednesday (Feb. 25). Asked to comment on the recent reports that some of the material written and recorded in 2001 shortly before he went into rehab might end up on an upcoming soundtrack, James said, "We don't know about that soundtrack thing just yet. But there are quite a few songs that didn't make it onto 'St. Anger' that… Presidio [a rented barrack at the San Francisco army base] was a place that we were recording in in San Francisco before the Headquarters was built and before I went into rehab. So there was probably... I don't know… 15 songs or something that didn't quite make it onto 'St. Anger' — maybe more. And those things. We've got 'em. They're cool — they're not finished, but they'll appear sometime somewhere, there'll be a right time for those. But for us, 'St. Anger' is doing really pretty darn good, and it's hard to not keep writing, so it would be tough to go back and redo some of that stuff or get it in the shape to put it out. That would remind me of, like, 'Load' and 'Re-Load' — working backwards. But there's just so much good vibe going on now, there's no use in kind of turning around. So those things will appear in their form some way or another."

    As previously reported, METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett has stated in a recent interview that the music recorded during the Presidio sessions "is very different" to the material that ended up on last year's "St. Anger", with the songs containing "much more melody" and being closer in style to 1991's "Black Album" than the band's most recent release.

    With regards to who might open for METALLICA on their upcoming North American tour, Hetfield said, "[We] don't know yet. We don't know. We've got GODSMACK out for the first bit. And we'll see how that goes, see who's available. We don't yet. So it will be a surprise."

    Download Scoop's interview with James Hetfield in two parts at this location.

  • Och nee bitte kein Soundtrack, mal ganz davon abgesehen, dass dann ja wohl nur wenige (vielleicht sogar nur einer?) Songs veröffentlicht werden würden. Ein richtiges Album würde mir da schon besser gefallen.

  • Quote

    Original von FrayedEnd
    Ja und?Weisst du was da gespielt wird?

    Nee, ich nicht, aber Jaymz hat den Film wohl hoffentlich schon mal gesehen.
    Das Interview mit ihm war doch vom 25.02. - macht doch dann kein Sinn, wenn er sagt ´vielleicht wird das mal Soundtrack`.

  • der film läuft ja bis jetzt nur auf festivals und villeicht gibt es dann ja einen soundtrack, wenn er in die normalen kinos kommt. und wenn da dann die presido sessions draufwähren, bin ich schon zufrieden

  • Wer hatten das bestätigt? Oder meinst du, weil der Film die Jahre 2000-2003 abdeckt müsste das ja enthalten sein, weil es 2001 war?


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    LARS: This kind of music...?! We're the most succesfull rockband in the world motherfucker, this is not "This kind of music..." Ok?
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