SKOM NEWS | 24.2.04

  • Metallica's much-anticipated documentary, "Metallica: Some Kind of Monster" has been picked up for U.S. theatrical distribution by IFC Films, according to

    The film, which is owned by Metallica, was directed and produced by acclaimed documentary filmmakers Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky.

    The filmmakers and the band agreed to pursue an unusual way of managing the release of the movie, opting for a more unconventional approach in which Metallica will oversee and pay for all of the marketing costs. As part of the deal, IFC plans to match Metallica's P & A (prints and advertising) funds and partner in the endeavor.

    This new strategy could bring more independent films to a wider audience, further integrating art-house audiences with mainstream fans.

    As reported previously, the film is due to premiere in theaters in New York City on July 9th.

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