Unveröffentlichtes Interview James Lars | 16.2.04

  • Mike: I'm here with the fan-proclaimed greatest metal band in the world, Metallica. Now in the past few years Metallica has gone under fire for changing their style and also the dispute with Napster. However, the band holds together and is as heavy as ever. And with that, I will begin the interview. Here with me is James Heitfield and Lars Ulrich.

    Where do you two see Metallica going next in relation to musical style?
    Ulrich: Well obviously we haven't stuck with the same sound on every record. I think that's crucial to a band making it without killing eachother.
    Hetfield: People have always called us sellouts from the beginning because we played a balad, or put a melody into a song. It kind of makes you angry, but after awhile you get used to it and that was one of the things I got to deal with in therapy.
    Ulrich: Yeah it's always the same thing after a new record with us. The true fans love it and everyone else is on one of two sides. One side thinks we sold out and the other likes it for a bit and then thinks we sold out.
    Hetfield: We always just play what we want and what we think sounds good. The real fans that have been with us through the years realize that and they'll continue to listen to whatever we come out with.

    Mike: Do you ever regret not sticking with the sound you had on say Kill Em' All?
    Hetfield: No. We always knew that would be the only album that sounded like that. If a band doesn't grow it dies.
    Ulrich: Right, we try to evolve our sound without sounding like what everyone else is playing. I think it's worked out well so far. For our next album, I don't see us repeating anything we've done already. We have some tape of stuff we did back in '01. But I don't want to let too much out about what our next move will be. I'm sure everyone will download it from Napster before we release it anyways.

    Mike: Is there still some resentment about Napster? I heard you and Fred Durst had cleared up your differences on that.
    Ulrich: No. I'll always have a problem with anything like that. People say well you used to tape trade back in the 80's. If anyone had even heard what a lot of those tapes sounded like they would see the difference between tape trading and pirating music off the internet.
    Hetfield: Yeah (laughs) The only way we ever understood what was going on is because we were always so drunk.

    Mike: Do you see the overwhelming amount of negative opinions of so-called fans after Load came out as a backlash?
    Hetfield: A backlash to what? We have pretty much had new fans for each album. We put out a new record. We get new fans and the old fans don't like it so they call us sellouts. It's the same thing every time.
    Ulrich: You could say we were sellouts from the beginning. We don't care though. That's what everyone doesn't get. We do this for us, not for anyone else. In the past few years, the money has become a little more important than it was before.

    Mike: Is that the reason why you went after Napster?
    Ulrich: Of course. I didn't go after Napster because I care about our music being heard. I cared about the money we were losing.
    Hetfield: I hear the movie industry is starting to do the same thing. The internet is good, but a lot of people are using it too much to their advantage. I think that'll be a strong topic for one of our next songs.

    Mike: Do you still think it's ok for bootlegs to be sold and traded?
    Hetfield: We've never told our fans not to. That's been something since we first started that we agree with.
    Ulrich: It's when they start selling our new album before we've released it that bothers us.
    Hetfield: Yeah. I have fans that come up to me with live shows from '82 when Ron and Dave were still in the band. I tell them to make me a copy and send it to me.

    Mike: Do you ever listen to the old shows?
    Hetfield: I try not to. When I have before I end up trying to write material that could have come off Lightning or Puppets.

    Mike: One final question for you guys and then we'll be done. Do you think if Cliff were still in the band that you would have written the last five albums, not include Garage Inc., like you did?
    Ulrich: No one can say if we would have or not. We can speculate, but what good is that?
    Hetfield: Cliff's input when he was in the band gave us a lot of our sound. But we always kind of knew he wouldn't stick around forever. If you read some of his interviews you can see that he looked at us as a stepping stone. A lot of our fans thought it would be Metallica and Cliff forever if he wouldn't have died.

    Mike: Well thank you very much for your time guys. To all of you true fans out there, Metallica is still the greatest metal band in the world.C 2001 - Mike Tremonte
    Nein ich werds diesmal nich zusammen fassen alle die kein engisch können haben pech gehabt lohnt nich...
    Echtheit auch wieder nich bewiesen darf jeder selber für sich herausfinden...

  • danke, sehr interesantes interview.
    bezüglich der sache mit napster stimmte ich lars und james ganz klar zu. Die hypotetische frage über cliff und seinen einfluss auf die band finde ich recht informativ.

    June 13, 2004 - MUNICH
    July 5, 2007 - VIENNA
    May 14, 2009 - VIENNA
    July 9, 2014 - VIENNA
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  • yeah..endlich mal wieder ein gscheites informatives interview und nicht immer nur lars dämliches st. anger verteidigungsgequatsche :D

  • mhhh, james sagt, er hört sich die alten shows nicht an, weil er dann songs schreiben würde, die sich so anhören würden, als wären sie von den alten alben... also James, hör dir die alten Shows an! :D

    Das Lars´ ned über St. Anger redet, resultiert vielleicht aus der tatsahe, dass das interviews von ´01 ist... ?(

    :bangyourhead: ´til Death!

  • Ich frag mich gerade wie das Interview von 2001 sein kann, wenn Lars von "back in '01" spricht...

    Und was mich echt erschüttert ist das Lars sagt "the money has become a little more important than it was before (...) I didn't go after Napster because I care about our music being heard. I cared about the money we were losing."

    Das ist zwar sehr ehrlich, zeigt aber auf der anderen Seite, dass er den Rand einfach nicht voll kriegt. Ich hoffe das war von ihm so krass nur als Witz gemeint.

    Und meint Ihr Cliff hat Met als Sprungbrett gesehen? Das wäre ja mal ein völlig neuer Aspekt. Bisher dachte ich es eher so wie FrayedEnd, dass Cliff die Band irgendwann mal zu groß wird. :verplant:


    LARS: Don't say "searchin' seek and destroy" and then start smiling as you're saying "destroy".
    BOB ROCK: I can't! It's so fun playing this kind of music.
    LARS: This kind of music...?! We're the most succesfull rockband in the world motherfucker, this is not "This kind of music..." Ok?
    SKOM 2005

  • Ich glaube schon dass Cliff geblieben wäre.....ich mein..was gibt es größeres zu erreichen?

    geld spielt halt immer ne rolle.....i würd auch net wollen wenn ich konstant verluste mach..egal wieviel kohle ich hab

  • Ich glaube nich das cliff jemals gegangen wär er konnte doch dort die musik machen die er mochte.

  • Quote

    Original von NWOBHM
    Und was mich echt erschüttert ist das Lars sagt "the money has become a little more important than it was before (...) I didn't go after Napster because I care about our music being heard. I cared about the money we were losing."

    Ehrlich gesagt steh ich da voll hinter ihm,er macht die musik also hat er das recht dafür geld zu verlangen!

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