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    Last night at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco, Sammy Hagar & The Waboritas played their last of three shows. In the middle of the show Sammy invited his friend and Van Halen bass player Michael Anthony on stage. They played a few Van Halen songs and got the crowd goin'. After that he asked Michael:

    "Hey Michael, do you remember who was on the Monsters of Rock tour with us? Let's was Van Halen, Scorpions, Dokken, Kingdom Come, and then it was .....METALLICA"

    Historic jam last night at the Fillmore

    Suddenly, Lars and Kirk walk on stage and the crowd's ecstatic roar would not end. Sammy introduced the band as "High Maintenance" (an inside joke). They kicked into 4 songs from the first Montrose album (Sammy Hagar's first band) - Rock the Nation, Space Station #5, Rock Candy, and Bad Motor Scooter. The "High Maintenance" band consisted of: Sammy Hagar - Vocals, Michael Anthony - Bass, Lars Ulrich - Drums, Kirk Hammett - Guitar and Victor Johnson on Rhythm Guitar.

    This was a lot of fun, let's do it again some day...

    Earlier in the afternoon, Lars & Kirk (...and entourage, of course) showed up at Sammy's house for a quick 30 minute rehearsal. This is when the name "High Maintenance" came up. The vibe was there, the fuckups were there, and the laughs were constantly flowing. "I don't know about you guys, but it's kinda fun doing this" Lars bursted out. "Hey, if we play it this good tonight, I'll be happy - everybody will be happy" said Sammy with a smile.

    Kirk, Sammy and Lars during rehearsals

    After all the fun yesterday, Lars & Kirk, together with James, are back to work in the studio.

  • Dazu fällt mir immoment nur eins ein
    :guitarist: :drummer: :guitarist: :finger::headbang::rockdevil: :)) :bier: :D
    Sie können nicht aufhören zu spielen.....und das ist auch gut so,aber ich finde es zeigt auch das lars & kirk wieder ran wollen und immernoch gut zusammen arbeiten können und das ist ein gutes zeichen das es die ´Tellica BoyZ noch länger geben wird.

  • nein, das war doch erst vor 2 wochen oder so, da war er schon lange nich mehr in der reha ! keine ahnung, warum james nich dabei war, keine lust, nich fit genug, ...naja, james nich fit genug ?! :skeptisch:

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