• Mein Religionslehrer konnte mir nicht erklären, was die sechshundertsechsundsechzig eigentlich bedeutet, also habe ich recherchiert.
    Da ich bezweifle, dass viele von Uns die Bedeutung kennen, habe ich einfach Folgendes für Euch:

    "Symbolism of the 666

    By Paraplethon, Juno 2, 2002

    Nigh on ten years ago, in the first issue of the thoroughly rough-as-guts underground magazine Eternal Damnation appeared an article by Angramain’Yo, of the Swedish Black Metal group Azubham Hanni, discussing briefly the meaning of the number 666 – proclaimed by St. John in Revelations as the ‘Number of the Beast’. While heading in the right direction, it could be greatly expanded on and taken a bit further.

    Angramain’Yo points out many of the numerical synchronicities occurring within the 666: that adding all the numbers from 1 to 36 equals 666, 36 being of course 6 multiplied by 6. 66 itself is the sum of the numbers from 1 to 11, 11 being of significance as ‘Crowley mentions it is the number of all magick’. Further, Angramain’yo mentions 666 is the sum of the Greek letters in ‘To Mega Therion’ – The Great Beast, Crowley’s infamous voluntary appellation.

    Continuing on we read the tentative interpretation of the 3 sixes in 666 as being as equilibrium; Angramain’Yo states “…… the two 6’s multiplied to 36 being equilibrated, resulting in the middle 6, thus 666.” The balancing, or function of equilibrium, the very character of the 3 just brought to our attention, is augmented by the fact that 6, 36, 66 and 666 are all triangular numbers, in a similar fashion to 4, 9, 16, 25 being known as square numbers.

    The final piece of information we are given is that “……. The figure 6, which totally dominates the number 666, is also the number of the macrocosm, represented by the hexagram.” Of course the 6-pointed hexagram is not the only symbol of the macrocosmic created universe without, the 6 faced cube, the 2nd Platonic solid, is likewise a symbol of the existent 3-dimensional space surrounding us, designating as it does the 6 directions used to define our relative position in the macrocosmic world; up, down, left, right, forward, backward. This ‘greater world’, the macrocosm, without us that we operate within, has as a rather conspicuous constituent the element of carbon, seemingly ever-present in about everything we look at, so much so, the world as we know it has been referred to as a ‘carbon based world’. A quick glance at a periodic table of elements reveals carbon has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. Further emphasis in this direction is that by stacking 33 (which Peter Moon proclaims is ‘a master number in numerology …… ‘ though why-for, you’d best figure it out for yourself) tetrahedrons – the 1st Platonic solid, consisting of 4 sides being equilateral triangles – face to face, a helix is created. By then splicing this helix of tetrahedrons in half, imitating the double-helix of the DNA spiral, a total of 66.6 faces is given. An interesting aside, though by no means the whole box and dice.

    The hexagram, scribed as 2 overlapping or interlocking triangles, symbolises a couple of other things as well as the above – bringing to mind a recently deceased Alchemist informing us that some, if not all, of the sculptures in stone carved into the very fabric of the great medieval cathedrals contain 7 levels of meaning….. worthwhile remembering. Firstly, the 2 triangles of the hexagram are the uniting of the esoteric forces, symbolised by the upward pointing triangle, and the exoteric forces – the downward pointing triangle. This unity of the eso- and the exo-teric forces is the ideal aspired to by such figures as the Pharaoh and the Fisher-King, extending into the modern era in the office of the Dalai Lama, both a leader in a Priestly guise and at a secular level. Those who attain such unity of realms said to more or less ‘gaze through the upper windows while keeping their feet on the ground’.

    This ‘union of opposites’ within the hexagram is also sexually implicit; the upward pointing triangle being the lingam/phallus, the other triangle, the yoni/cunt(referred to somewhat more poetically as the ‘Delta of Venus’ – for obvious reasons……), the Tantric – Sex Magic – union of which is the attainment of the enlightened state, known otherwise generally in the West as ‘Initiation’ and in the east among others,’Nirvana’. This the much neglected root of all esoteric/occult teachings, graphically portrayed on old Indian temples, in the figure of the Alchemist as a hermaphrodite, and within the well known Buddhist chant ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’, translated as “The Lingam is in the Yoni”, quite clear. Reference to this powerful sex magic is existent just about everywhere, the Sheela-na-gigs over the portals/doorways of (mainly) Irish churches are another example, it’s even found in the Jewish Torah/Christian Old Testament; Deuteronomy 23:1 for instance.

    Another avenue in which the 666-Tantra connection can be found is the aforementioned personage of Aleister Crowley – the ‘Great Beast of Revelation 666’ himself, putting into perspective somewhat his infamous ribald sexual behaviour. A great focus of Crowley’s intention was his attempt, or his desire /his want to make this ‘grandest of love’ to a figure known as ‘Babalon’, sometimes referred to as the scarlet woman – recognized by some, among them Jack Parsons, as the great creative matrix of the universe. Babalon’s maternity, or at least her fecundity or femininity has a strong lunar connection, one reason for such would be the lunar cycle ruling/controlling/defining, like the tides, a woman’s menstrual cycle in peoples not afflicted by undue, or anomalous electro and magnetic radiation as we are in our technocratic 21st century societies. This Lunar Goddess Babalon, whose numerical equivalent is 369, finds her complementary partner in Sorath, the ‘demon’ of the Sun whose own numerical equivalent is 666. Crowley assuming the 666 and his work towards a union with Babalon is a perfect match – the Sun and the Moon conjoining, the unity of the virile and the fecund, of the positive and the negative …… This is the Alchemical Hermaphrodite, no less than the attainment of a state of consciousness where absolutely ‘all and everything’ is absolutely united as ‘One’, ‘Whole’, ‘Unity’ or ‘The Absolute’.

    Such an incomprehensible concept as the above may seem, it is only thus while we enchain ourselves in the dimensions defined by the cube, the three of space and its ‘comrade-of-(our)chains’, the 4th dimension of physical existence, time. In the attempt to reach the above-mentioned unification of ‘All and Everything’, our familiar 4 dimensions are sometimes described as ‘Maya’, or the ‘world of illusion’. Science has come to similar conclusions both on the larger scale, the thoroughly macrocosmic realm of planets and suns, and at the atomic and sub-atomic level – thoroughly microcosmic. To paraphrase a famous one-time Swiss patent clerk: Matter, or mass BENDS space-time …… an example is the planet Mercury, being beyond the reach of Newtonian physics as the space it travels in is curved so severely by the Sun. at the atomic and sub-atomic level, the action of electrons about the atomic nucleus appears to deem the 4 dimensions null and void, research in this area resulting in quantum wave theory. The Austrian Physicist Fritjiof Capra’s book “The Tao of Physics” is a good overview of the path physics has blazed since Einstein.

    The 666 and the search, or striving towards The Absolute is even intimated in the 1st of the Harry Potter books when the age of the Alchemist who manufactured the Philosophers Stone – Nicholas Flamel – of the title that is in the care of Professor Dumbledore, is given 665, and that his death will occur in the next year when aged 666. It is in the historical record, whenever Flamel performed his alchemical works he was always ‘assisted’ by his wife Peronelle – a solar/lunar union the like of Sorath and Babalon.

    So Angramain’Yo was on the right, though rather than a balancing out, an equilibrium of sorts, the tantric implications take it much further – Nietzsche titled one of his works “BEYOND Good and Evil” for a reason ……."

    [Quelle: http://spearoflonginus.ark11.net/Symbolismofthe666.html]



    The number of the beast is, according to St.John, 666, and it is "the number of a man". Most black and death metallers, ignorant of the meaning of this number, as well as other traditionally "satanic" symbols such as the inverted cross, the inverted pentagram etc., use it in logos and song titles, just because they recognize it as a symbol of "evil". In this article will be discussed the true meaning of the number 666.

    A couple of weeks before this article was written, the younger brother of the writer was visited by two Jehovah's Witnesses. Out of mere interest in what their opinion on such a well known biblical symbol might be, he asked them about it. The answer he received was perplexing but not very surprising, he was told that 666 was "an incomplete number". What they meant by that was probably not even known to themselves, and that it was completely wrong must have been totally beyond their comprehension.

  • If you add up all the figures from 1 to 36, it equals 666. What is so special about this is that 36 is 6 multiplied by 6. The question is, what did St.John know about this? In what way did he attain the knowledge that 666 was the number of the beast, and what did he know about its meaning? The number 666 is also the sum of the numerical values of the Greek letters in To Mega Therion, The Great Beast. Some would call it a coincidence that such an extraordinary number represents this very special word, but such "coincidences" are commonplace in matters concerning magic and mysticism, the reason for which is always unknown to simple material creatures like us.

    As for some more basic calculations; Aleister Crowley, in Magick in Theory and Practice, explains that 11 is the number of all Magick, the explanation of which I will not reproduce here, I advise anybody interested to read the above mentioned work. The figures from 1 to 11 added up equals 66. Of course this is purely mathematical, but it shows the number 666 is not just any number, it is very special. The wisdom of St. John can not be overrated, which the above shows.

    So, what does this teach us about the number 666? First of all, as I've already mentioned, it teaches us that 666 is not an ordinary number, just like 583 or 127. Although I have not checked it out, I am quite sure no other number can show such an amazing amount of symmetry.

    What symbols does this imply? The three sixes in the number 666 gives us a hint of balance, the two 6's multiplied to 36 being equilibrated, resulting in the middle 6, thus 666. This shows us what a complete number 666 is, opposite of what the Jehovas Witnesses said. It is of course also a number of magic, as it contains all the numbers of the ten holy Sephiroth, as well as the number of magic itself, 11, added together to form the basis of the number, 36. The figure 6, which totally dominates the number 666, is also the number of the macrocosm, represented by the hexagram, which means that the message concerns the whole world, all of it.

    Let's take a closer look at the interpretation of this sacred number. There are three sixes, the number three being, as mentioned above, the number of equilibrium, of opposites balancing each other. If we take the example of the two opposites Good and Evil, we have a possible interpretation of what St.John was trying to tell us with his metaphor, The Great Beast. The biggest enemy of christianity is without a doubt learning and intelligence. The christians call their religion a monotheistic one, although there is a struggle between The Good God and The Evil Devil. The Great Beast, 666, represents the equilibrium between good and evil, he also represents the increasing education among the masses, that will lead to enlightenment and abolishing of the religion of paradoxes. What is being written here is without a doubt blasphemous, just like the beast blasphemes the name of god, and that is why St.John wanted to warn mankind that this Beast must be defeated, otherwise christianity would never prevail.

    Hail the beast!

    (c)ANGRAMAIN' YO 1993. Appeared in Eternal Damnation 'zine, issue 1."

    [Quelle: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Delphi/3921/666.html]

    Dieser Angramain'yo war übrigens Frontmann der schwedischen Kultbands Dysentry und Azhubham Haani in den frühen Neunzigern.

  • scheiss englisch - ich versteh' kein wort !

    so wie ich das gehört habe ist das eine art "code"
    kaiser nero wurde zur damaligen zeit als das böse schlechthin bezeichnet
    das konnten die christen natürlich nich offen niederschreiben
    deswegen der code
    irgendwie ergibt das dann casar nero (6 66 oder 66 6)

  • Ach so.
    Hm, die Antwort kenn ich nicht...hab mir aber vorher auch noch nie wirklich Gedanken drüber gemacht. Fand es aber interessant mal Theorien darüber zu lesen. Auch wenn ich es (vor allem wegen der Sprache, vielleicht aber auch weil ich müde bin und mir noch der Kopf qualmt vom Reli lernen mit meiner Schweister eben) nicht gerade leicht verständlich fand, z.B. den vorletzten Absatz des ersten Textes ("Such an incomprehensible...." ) hab ich gar nicht kapiert.

    Besser? :D

    “there is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can’t be improved with pizza”

  • Der Text ist zugegebenermaßen nicht der Einfachste, aber der dürfte beim Zweiten oder Dritten mal verständlich sein, wenn man entsprechende Kenntnisse hat.
    Vielleicht mache ich mir am Wochenende mal die Mühe für Uns und übersetze den Text in Englisch, Französisch, Norwegisch. :D

  • Quote

    Original von Count Grishnackh
    Vielleicht mache ich mir am Wochenende mal die Mühe für Uns und übersetze den Text in Englisch, Französisch, Norwegisch. :D

    Beim Stichwort Norwegisch fällt mir ein: Was heisst eigentlich "Borknagar"? Weisst du das?

    “there is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can’t be improved with pizza”

  • Nein und Andreas Hedlund hat nicht auf meine Email geantwortet.
    Wahrscheinlich weil er Schwede ist.
    Ich muss mal eine an Asgeir schreiben, der ist Borknagars Schlagzeuger.
    Wenn die es nicht wissen, ist der Name fiktiv.

  • hm, Ich les um die Uhrzeit keine so langen Texte auf Englisch :D

    Aber hier mal eine andere Bedeutung von 666: BILL GATES

    Man muss nur die Buchstaben von Bill Gates in asc2 Werte umrechnen und 3(von William Henry Gates III) dazuzählen: 66 (B) + 3 (I) + 76 (L) + 76 (L) + 71 (G) + 65 (A) + 84 (T) + 69 (E) + 83 (S) + 3 = 666

    Aber mal ehrlich: Wir haben es immer gewusst oder? :D

    When a man lies he murders some part of the World
    These are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives
    Cannot the Kingdom Of Salvation Take me home

  • ich schrieb ja auch, dinge, die MENSCHEN nicht mögen. vom übermensch hat keiner gesprochen ;)

    oooh. der übermensch weilt unter uns!

  • Es gibt keinen Übermenschen. Wir sind alle Untermenschen, aber das soll nicht Thema des Threads sein. Bitte nur Sinnvolles posten, dass in Bezug zur Klärung der Bedeutung der Zahl 666 steht.
    Manche sagen übrigens, die Zahl sei zurück zu führen auf das Große Feuer von London im Jahre 1666, aber die Zahl kam ja schon vorher öfters vor.

  • jaja, scho recht.
    ich dachte immer, 666 kommt aus der bibel. das ham die erfunden, die die bibel geschrieben haben :D
    genauso wie gelangweilte mönche das symbol des umgedrehten kreuzes erfunden haben :D

  • mann, was macht ihr für intressante themen in reli! wir spielen mit unserm lehrer grad nur: "sucht die widersprüche in der bibel" &er spielt fleißig mit :D
    oder eben.. dieses tiefgründigere zeugs da :D ich meine, habt ihr gewusst, dass es im paradies bei adam&eva ZWEI verbotene bäume gab? den baum des lebens&den baum der erkenntnis über gut&böse.
    aber 666 ... hm, da wirste wahrscheinlich in der offenbarung des johannes was finden, da steht eigentlich des meiste intressante :D
    irgendwo isch da doch die erwähnung des biestes, dem widersacher gottes oder so&seine zahl sei 666.. oder so. lass es dir von deim lehrer erklären&sags uns dann, weiser untermensch :P

  • folgendes habe ich mal in reli gehört (war in der berufsschule, glaube ich) und heute wieder im netz gefunden :

    quelle : http://home.t-online.de/home/helmut.abler/rev_666.htm

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