Lars und James Backstage '87

  • Ich hab ne witzige Seite im Web entdeckt, da labert eine Reporterin über ihre Erfahrungen im Backstage Bereich auf einigen Konzerten. Hier mal der Link zu einem RHCP/FNM Gig in dem auch Lars und James anwesend waren. Das ist ziemlich witzig. Hier mal ein Ausschnitt:

    There's more hanging around, of course, and this time James Hetfield had made sure he would get in - he came early, too. Zoë'd met James once before, at a Faith No More gig at the I-Beam. That time, he and Lars had been around in the dressing room all night and everything had been cool until after the show. Then, Lars and James came over to where Zoë and Jim were talking, and joined in. Zoë, ever the smart-mouth, said something that set Lars off:

    "Who's she? Lars had suddenly demanded of Jim, "Is she all right?"

    "Yeah, she's all right," Jim had assured him.

    "Well, OK, Lars had snarled, "but you can't publish anything I've said all night!"

    "Don't worry," Zoë'd shot back, "If I take 'fuck' out of it, you haven't said anything anyway!"

    James had thought this was pretty funny, and Zoë could tell he was somewhat intrigued with her. But that didn't prepare her for what was to happen this night:

  • Hey Man, thanx für den Link.
    Habt ihr das hier gelesen? Ein seltenes Interview mit Cliff. Und ein langes dazu.


    LARS: Don't say "searchin' seek and destroy" and then start smiling as you're saying "destroy".
    BOB ROCK: I can't! It's so fun playing this kind of music.
    LARS: This kind of music...?! We're the most succesfull rockband in the world motherfucker, this is not "This kind of music..." Ok?
    SKOM 2005

  • das interview mit cliff ist toll.

    und dann das mit spastic children. auch prima doku. || mod

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