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    Info on the CD single for St. Anger is said to be due for release on June 23rd. The single will contain the title track and 5 Ramones covers, 3 of which were confirmed to be recorded last year. "53rd and 3rd" was also recorded last year and released on the Ramones tribute album "We're A Happy Family".

    The tracklist includes:
    -St. Anger
    -Cretin Hop
    -Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
    -Today Your Love Tomorrow The World
    -We're A Happy Family

  • Lustige Idee ,aber ich schließe mich meinem Vorposter an.

  • Ich finde es ganz okay, dass sie diese Lieder für die B-Seiten lassen. Natürlich hätten sie auch Live-Sachen draufpacken können, aber so ist es besser, als wenn sie irgendwann ein zweites Garage Inc. oder sowas rausbringen, nur damit die Ramones-Cover veröffentlicht werden...

  • Neue News dazu von

    Here's the real deal on a couple of singles coming out in Europe and Japan. They are outtakes from the sessions we did for the Ramones tribute record and some of 'em are pretty rough. We even included the video for "St.Anger" for you!
    CD 1
    "St. Anger" (album version)
    "Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World"

    CD 2
    "St. Anger" (Video)
    "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue"
    "Cretin Hop"

    A-side: "St. Anger"
    B-side: "We're A Happy Family"

    The Japanese single will include all the tracks on one cd, but will not have the St. Anger video.

    We'll give you more details later, but thought you might like to know what songs are coming out.

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