noch ein St. Anger Review

  • hört sich gut an!!!

    to start with, i should say that this record... well, nothing is going to prepare you for what you're going to hear, not this, not any other review. believe me, i've read a lot of reviews, but i wasn't expecting what was yet to come. the record is very loud and very raw sounding, especially the drums (they sound exactly the same as in jits videos, no eq's). you really can't compare it to any other metallica album. it's very aggresive, brutal and heavy as shit - definately the heaviest metallica album!! there is some swearing, but not too much. i have to say that it is a "little" nu-metal sounding, but just a little and only in some moments. i mean it has the heavy feel of some of the nu-metal bands, but it's ok, it adds a little freshness to the sound (believe me, i HATE nu-metal, but it really works great for this album). sometimes james' singing may be compared to system of a down (the melodic parts), but james does it way better than search (did i spell it correctly??). the drums are very aggressive, lots of tempo changes and new (for lars) rhytms, lots of double bass (but different than on "justice") and fast drum pounding. and there really are no solos. but believe me - i really didn't notice that, there's so much happening in the songs that solos aren't necessary. but let's get to the point...

    we sat down in a small conference room, the lady from mercury records london came, brought the cd with her (no booklet, no drawings, no p.a. sticker) said a few words (some of them are very important official news that i posted on the bottom) and the whole thing started...

    1. frantic
    definately a good opener for the album, starts with some fat snare drum hits (without the snares i must add). it is played a little different, a little slower than in the mar 3 jits video. james starts by singing: "if i could get my days back on a track", then "keep on searching, the search goes on". the chorus is rather strange - james keeps yelling "frantic tic tic tic tic toc". the song ends with a very fast double bass action. "frantic" is one of my favorites!!

    2. st. anger
    the title track and again - one of the best on the record. starts with double bass pounding, then suddelny slows down to reveal a very melodic guitar part and hetfield singing really nice: "st. anger around my neck, he never gives respect". then comes the famous part: "fuck no and fucking no regrets, i hit the lights on these dark sets" - that's how it goes. then there's a huge speed-up and the chorus, which goes like that: "i'm raming anger with you". near the end we can hear: "i want my anger to be me and i need to set my anger free". the song ends with double bass and fus rhythm guitar. lots of tempo changes - a great song and a great single!!

    3. some kind of monster
    this one starts with a melodic 7-string guitar jam heard in the nov 6 jits jamming video (i really hoped this would end up on the record, because it sounded awesome). again, a very long song with propably the fastest double bass pounding on the album and lyrics like: "we the people, are we the people??" and "this is the voice of silence no more". james keeps repeating "some kind of monster" throughout the whole song. there is one break in the song.

    4. dirty window
    a really fast song, also a very heavy one. contains lots of melody and tempo changes. system of a down melodic singing comes to mind. in the slower but heavy parts hetfield screams (in no specific order) "projector, rejector, injector, protector, inspector, detector". near the end we can hear the "i drink from the cup of denial" verse.

    5. invisible kid
    i think it's the song i liked the least from the whole album, but it may change once i listen to it a little more. starts with a very cool "metallica style" riff. James sings: "invisible kid, never see what he did". James' vocal is doubled, very melodic, also lots of echoes are added. halfway through the song there's a total change of everything, the song turns from a fast, metal one to a very meoldic, wobbly thing but with double bass. the ending is kinda strange with lots of changes. other lyrics from this song: "invisible kid gotta place of his own, there will never be home where he has grown", "open your eye/mind, i'll be right here".

    6. my world
    another great song. has a little grundge feel in it. not as fast as the other ones, but still contains lots of double bass. "it's my world sucker, it's my world, you can't have it" - james hetfield sings. before the famous: "do not know the answer" (which is played a little slower on the drums) and "i don't even know what the question is", repeated a few times in the song, we can hear james singing: "it's my time now, look out motherfuckers, here i come".

    7. shoot me again
    again, vocal sounds a little soad-like. heavy beginning but then changes. in the chorus we can hear "shoot me again, i'm not dead yet" - hetfields voice sounds very "load'y". the track contains lots of short pauses and changes totally after 05.00 min. you can hear a small part of it in the jits make a wish video, after the so called "shadows of the cross/look at you" thing.

    8. sweet amber
    starts with a bluesy intro, played on a 7-string guitar. then goes faster and again slowes down durng the chorus: "sweet amber, how sweet are you, how sweet does it get??", which is ver melodic. another one of my favorites!!

    9. unnamed feeling
    this is the calmest of all the songs, contains a lot of slow, melodic parts. but still - it's not a ballad, since it explodes after a while. you can hear james singing "unnamed feeling takes me away".

    10. purify
    this is a very frantic song. lots of controlled chaos. the intro is super heavy and crushing. again, lots of double bass. james sings: "purify, won't/can't you help me??". in the chorus, james shouts like a madman: "purify, you and i" a few times. when it comes to 05:00 min, the song changes and we can hear kinda solo, then comes a very rock and roll riff. another great song!!

    11. all within my hands
    and last, but definately not least. distinguishes itself from the others by long melodic passages with choruses. james sings different verses: "make me mad, kill/crush/squeeze/trap all within my hands". endding is very cool, lots of pauses, crashes, guitar feedback and james singing "kill kill kill" a few times. again - a favorite!!

    phew, that was long. i gave you all the details i remembered/written down. this album is gonna kick everyone's asses baby, yeah!! i'm going to discover it again when i buy it on the 8th of june. listening to it once is just isn't enough!!

    oh, and by the way, some news i mentioned in the beginning:
    - the boys are shooting a video tomorrow for their first single - edited version of "st. anger". and no - it's not going to contain rob on bass, he's just going to be in the video, which is being shot somewhere outside of sf.
    - in the fall, they're going to hit south america, then asia, australia/new zeland and finally, in the beginning of 2004 the boys are going to hit europe for some in-door shows. well, that's it from me.

  • also, ich bin absolut davon überzeugt, dass das neue Album der Hammer wird! Nach all diesen psitiven Rewievs... und keine Solos? naja, dann halt nicht, Who Cares? solange es rockt! und zur not spiele ich selbst ein paar solos ein und verkaufe das dann als "Special-Extended Version..." hehe! ;)

  • Quote

    Original von HeMaMe
    wer weiß wie viele reviews noch kommen :skeptisch:
    Mittlerweile steht eh nur noch dasselbe drin

    Sowas...vielleicht liegt´s ja daran, dass es um ein und dasselbe Album geht ! :finger:

  • klingt ein "wenig" nach nu-metal? keine soli, soad mäßig? :skeptisch:

    na ich weiß nicht - eigentlich klingt es ja wirklich gut...aba diese dinge halten mich weiterhin skeptisch!

    aja und 7-string guitars - natürlich vorurteil - trotzdem...das is NU ;)

  • Quote

    Original von HeMaMe
    Scary: Manowar ist älter als Metallica also würde ich mit solchen Äusserungen vorsichtig sein :D

    was hat ds mit meiner aussage zu tun ?! :skeptisch:

  • Quote

    Puristen haben immer noch die guten alten 80er Alben UND: ManOwaR

    Wenn ich das richtig verstehe, soll das heißen das Manowar immer nur dasselbe machen - was man von metallica nicht gerade behaupten kann :skeptisch:

  • genau darum gings doch, oder? wer keine musikalische weiternetwicklung haben will, soll sachen aus den guten alten achtzigern oder eben manowar hören und nicht metallica.

  • ich hör fast nur noch sachen aus den 80er!

    @Scary: Sieh es mal so - immer gleicher Stil -> man weiß was man hat wenn ein neues Album kommt sprich von mir aus könnte es 1000 kill 'em all's geben (mit anderen riffs natürlich) und ich wäre glücklich

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