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    Hey, we were wondering if the stores would be open for the 9th of June (Whit Monday - a religious public holiday in many parts of Europe)...

    Well some guy I know from Caroline Music's management (an important music stores chain here in Belgium) just mailed me back to kind of officially announce that - yes, they will be closed June 9th - but YES : ST. ANGER WILL MOST PROBABLY HIT THE STORES FRIDAY JUNE 6th !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Four fuckin days before than expected !!!!!

  • sach ma, wie oft noch, Da wirds an die Händler geliefert, der kleine verfurzte Plattenladen um die ecke, ja sogar der, bekommt die Platte am 6/7. juni geliefert. Ob ers da schon verkauft ist was anderes

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