dave`s letter

  • A Year Later

    Droogies, Well it has been a year since the official break-up of Megadeth or what some other people are calling (or hoping was) the temporary suspension of the band's procedings.

    I wanted to tell you that over the last year there has been a lot of contact between all the band members of Megadeth from the past and, excluding Gar, everyone is still alive and well, whether it was me contacting them, or the others talking amongst themselves.

    We have all stayed in contact somehow with someone Megadeth, and even though there may not be any reunion on the immediate horizon, just know that we've talked. Also, as we approach our 20th anniversary, one thing that we all still remember is 'how' we got to the top.

    It was because of you.

    Stay tuned.

    Mustaine sez,

  • Oh verdammt! Und ich hatte mich so auf Daves Versprechen verlassen, dass wir noch mehr von Megadeth hören würden - das war wohl damals aber im psitiven Sinne zu verstehen!
    Was mich aber am meisten ärgert, ist, dass ich nun nicht weiß, ob ich an meiner Fanpage weiterwerkeln soll oder nicht...

    Ich liebe Euch alle!!! *heul*

    ..."I think that Britney Spears has blown more things than the gearbox on her Ferrari lately and Christina Aguilara is living proof that you can polish a turd."...

    ..."Megadeth rules and you know it"...
    (Dave Mustaine)

  • Quote

    and even though there may not be any reunion on the immediate horizon,

    Mist, also nicht so bald, aber grundsätzlich schließt er es auch nicht aus

    We'll lose the things we've fighted for
    Each rise is followed by a fall
    We'll lose the ones we love, the ones we most adore
    Yet go on... We go on

  • ;(

    bayern.gif"Alle lästern immer über die bösen Killerspiele-Zocker, wenn ein Amoklauf ist. Aber wenn einer einen Holzblock von einer Brücke schmeißt, schreit keiner 'böse, böse Tetris-Spieler!'"

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