• Die News werden immer zahlreicher! Woran das wohl liegt? :D


    Rob Wonderful

    screwy74 has it been hard learning all the new shit
    Zynqia Whats it like jammin with the guyz, and knowing what kinda group following Metallica has in the club as well as outside the club..???
    Rob For starters its an honor and a privelouge to rock with Metallica, and it will be an honor and privilegue to be a part of the Tallica society Rob Yes, hard learning the new shit. The new music is challenging, long, dynamic and details are neccessary and we are soo busy, time must be utilized efficiently, but not really

    Nikkifl In the video with you and the guys it seemed like you all got along very well, you really seemed like a family, do you get that feeling also?
    Rob Yes indeed, these guys have been soo cool to me and we are all on the same groove and that is special

    haciqo Hey Rob can you tell some new song names
    Rob Sure... Here you go: Enter Sandman, Send me your money, Crazy Train, Whiskey Warlord.

    Evlunknwn Do you still kick it with anyone from suicidal?
    Rob Rocky, all the time

    Satanical Eve Do you have any pets? (Tolle Frage!!!!!)
    Rob Yes, two black chows, Fozzy and Melrose and my moms dog is Boo Boo Bear. They're all crazy

    meLallicalan5l Which is more difficult to play, new shit or old Hetallica???
    Rob It's all challenging and thats what I love about it

    flyby Come on... Rob! Tell us who is the best Table-tennis player.., you or Lars?
    Rob Best question yet! We shall see, talk to me in a week

    Kirk Jr. Are you looking forward to MTV Icon, maybe a little nervous?
    Rob Not nervous, excited, it is such a special moment for Metallica

    Phoncible what is your relationship to metallicas earlier albums? do you have any favorites? What do you think of the new stuff (st. anger) compared to the old stuff? what do you think of load~reload compared to the really old stuff?
    Rob I love the old stuff. Cliff was the king. HOP, RTL. I love the new stuff, it is magical, it is progressive, dynamic and HEAVY AS SHIT!

    Van w a c k Besides music, whats your favorite thing to do on your free time?
    Rob Surf, snowboard, going out to lunch with my mom, hanging with my ladie(s)

    lurshdan What's your musical influences?
    Rob Everything from James Brown to Black Sabbath

    llaminqweasel I've seen you play for LS and 0zzy and you kicked ass! whats it like playing with Metallica compared to 0zzy & LS?
    Rob Its all incredibly special and soo intense. I give 100% always so I look forward to getting on the big stage with my Metallica boys-BRING IT ON!

    callouslriqidchillin Yo Rob, do you ever use a pick?? Your intensity on the bass is awesome - welcome to the family, bro!!
    Rob Yes, sometimes though I dont know if I will with Metallica

    WOO DYGGG will you be meeting clubmembers backstage this tour
    Rob YES

    Rob It was fun, it felt very good and naturally to me, except I ran in to Wayne Isham a couple of times

    F by in q V What age did you start to play the bass and can you play any other musical instruments??
    Rob I started when I was about 14. l am soo bad on other instruments I chose not to mention them, though I do dabble on piano

    briman7j Are you going to wear shoes on stage?
    Rob I ve only not worn shoes for 2 months of an 0zzy tour because 0zzy kept spraying me with water, it was summer and I was wearing sandals anyway, but I haven't gone barefoot in 1-~2 years. So Step Up

    Helvete Where are you originaly from Rob
    Rob Born in Santa Monica and reside in Venice Beach

    Seek and Destroy have the guys played any tricks on you?
    Rob No time for tricks, too busy

    larsTore Hey rob, whats your favourite movie?
    Rob Silence of the lambs, Pulp Fiction

    qoLrock Who was your influence on the bass
    Rob Many players, Jaco Pastorious, Geezer Butler, Larry Graham and so many more to mention. No time now, trying to finish the album

    lame Sman What was the first band you played in?
    Rob A backyard party band called Oblivion, we played everything from Sabbath to Van Halen to Rush

    Gottlieb What kind of bass do you play Rob?
    Rob I play Tobias, custom Fernandes and Fenders in the studio

    sLreak who is fixxxer?
    Rob Secret!

    Druid What is your favorite color? (Noch besser!!!!!)
    Rob Blue

    crazy asSmCCC what cars do you have
    Rob Black Subaru Outback for the mountains and the beach and I am currently looking into an old Buick Riviera, low rider style

    ex-250 whats your favorite city to play live in?
    Rob Every City is my favorite. Beaches and mountains rank high

    Grivier When you went to the audition, did you leave there with the feeling youd be the one to be choosen, or was it a complete surprise?
    Rob I take life a day at a time, I knew the guys felt great about me and I knew I did the best job I could do. I thought it was quite possible and here I am. It was a surprise as well

    briman7j Did you help finish lay any bass tracks up for St. Anger?!
    Rob No, the bass tracks were finished already

    St. Anger which member of metallica did you know best before you joined?
    Rob Kirk

    MaLLabbiCluk whats your favorite after-show beverage?
    Rob Water and Crown Ginger

    SaLaniCab Eve Is bars really that funny?
    Rob He is funnier

    DrfleaL54ll Ever surf with Kirk?
    Rob Yes

    ZakkLabbiCa Rob do you promise to kick our Ass at every show
    Rob Only on stage

    Druid Whos better at surfing?
    Rob He or you?
    Rob He of course
    Rob but Mike Clark (Suicidal Tendencies Guitar) is better. Kirk is great because he has only been surfing for a short time, he charges

    Encyclopedia Metallica

    [CENTER]James Hetfield:
    "Es gibt keinen Heavy Metal mehr. Dieser Stil ist innerhalb der Grenzen erstarrt, die er sich selbst gesetzt hat."[/CENTER]

  • Do you have pets?
    Wtat's your favorite color? :rofl:
    da hat man im leben die chance rob was zu fragen und was stellt mann für fragen? ROOOOOOFL

    bayern.gif"Alle lästern immer über die bösen Killerspiele-Zocker, wenn ein Amoklauf ist. Aber wenn einer einen Holzblock von einer Brücke schmeißt, schreit keiner 'böse, böse Tetris-Spieler!'"

  • immerhin wird hier die frage beantwortet, ob rob die basslines auf dem album noch einspielt - also wird man jetzt james oder bob rock am bass hören?

    June 13, 2004 - MUNICH
    July 5, 2007 - VIENNA
    May 14, 2009 - VIENNA
    July 9, 2014 - VIENNA
    June 4, 2015 - VIENNA

  • ganz klar, NO ROB!

    bayern.gif"Alle lästern immer über die bösen Killerspiele-Zocker, wenn ein Amoklauf ist. Aber wenn einer einen Holzblock von einer Brücke schmeißt, schreit keiner 'böse, böse Tetris-Spieler!'"

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