Bush for Dummies

  • Schaut euch mal diese Bilder an, da sind ein paar lustige bei. :D

    Bush for Dummies

    z.B. das hier


    oder das


    And forever after, you can hear the laughter
    World's being plastered by an evil bastard
    Exterminating faster, devastating plaster
    Fabulous disaster

  • da sind soga pa zitate bei üebr die man eigentlich nichmehr lachen kann...naja schon toll was der präsident des"freisten"landes über demokratie denkt

    Indoctrination since early youth
    murder of the free thinking mind
    religion the root of all evil
    the source of all suffering

    Deeper and deeper into the void
    across the wasteland of your mind
    lying to live, living their lie
    they make you betray your own kind

    The free will shall carry the day
    drop the bomb and wash the filth away

    let the napalm rain  


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