The Story Behind The Songs

  • Hab hier einige interessante Beiträge mit Details zu Megadeth Alben gefunden. Ich denk mal auch für euch interessant:…ory%20Behind%20The%20Song

    Hier mal ein Beispiel für alle die zu faul sind dem Link zu folgen: :D

    Story Behind The Song - Megadeth's Rust In Peace
    [17 Sep 2002]

    I had to fight to record the second electric solo in this tune the way I wanted! The first take I did as I was just warming up was the one that producer Mike Clink liked. When he heard it, he said, "That's fine. Good job." And I was like , "Whooooaaaa! Wait a minute. I haven't even tuned my guitar yet. Let me play a REAL solo here." He and Mustaine both thought it was fine and that we should move on to something else, so we left it at that. As the days went on and on, just knowing that solo was on there really bugged me. So I kept bringing it up to the guys that I wanted to redo it. Everybody liked the solo that was there, so I had no allies! Eventually I wore down Mike Clink's nerves and he had me come back in and re-cut the solo, and the new solo is the one that made the record.

    HANGAR 18
    This tune was actually much longer, but got seriously edited. I remember walking into the studio and wading through the miles of 2 inch tape all over the floor. Clink said, "Check out the lyrics of this song. It's about aliens and Martians, so play something that sounds like you are coming from outer space." That was good advice, and from then on, I really paid a lot more attention to the lyrics in a song than I had before.

    There are some busy rhythm/lead breaks/stops in the middle of this song that were a bitch to play in time! This was before ProTools and quantizing so you really had to nail stuff.

    I'm quite pleased with the main solo in the middle of this tune. The rhythm underneath the solo is in some crazy time signature and I managed to do something with the solo that makes the whole section sound a little less progressive and a little more eerily aggressive. I was having a hard time nailing the fast thrashy pedaling rhythm part towards the end, so Clink gave me one of Slash's guitar picks that was lying around and then I nailed the part in one take. Magic!

    Another insane rhythm! That Mustaine can sure come up with some killer riffs! The solo in "Poison..." was the first one that I did on the album. It feels good to get one good one under your belt as you make your way through recording an album.

    This solo is a great example of my playing. It's got it all. It sounds worked out, but it really wasn't. I follow all the chord changes differently, almost like a jazz player, which I definitely am not. To explain this solo technically would take a page and a half and a music professor. I'm quite pleased with this one.

    When I finished the solo to this one, Mustaine came into the studio, listened to it down once, turned around and without saying a word, shook my hand. It was at that moment that I felt like I was truly the guitarist for this band.

    No guitar here, but in the original version, there was a heavy, dissonant guitar riff that was so strange I couldn't believe we were planning to record it. The song took shape in the studio.

    This was my fave tune on the record at the time. Clink was also excited about it. The main riff in "Rust..." is like no other in rock. Absolutely unique

  • Tja manche sind halt a bissel langsam im denken. :D

    Das ganze betrifft nicht nur Soli,les dir mal die Sachen zu den anderen Alben durch. ;)

  • ist mal interessant zum lesen...
    ich wusste gar nicht, dass der Menza in Deutschland geboren ist, der ist aber trotzdem Ami, oder? naja, das passte zwar nicht wirklich zum Thema, aber egal...:nixweiss:

    We'll lose the things we've fighted for
    Each rise is followed by a fall
    We'll lose the ones we love, the ones we most adore
    Yet go on... We go on

  • jo, das mag sein, nur wusste ich möglichwerweise da nicht, wer Menza ist, und es hat mich daher nicht interessiert...
    dass der aus München ist stand ganz vor kurzem wo, ich dachte nur es wäre ein fake, aber isser nun ein Bayer oder nen Ami? :D

    We'll lose the things we've fighted for
    Each rise is followed by a fall
    We'll lose the ones we love, the ones we most adore
    Yet go on... We go on

  • krass, du hast Recht :D

    We'll lose the things we've fighted for
    Each rise is followed by a fall
    We'll lose the ones we love, the ones we most adore
    Yet go on... We go on

  • also auf der Rusted Pieces beschränkt sich Nick´s Text auf "Hi" :D
    und auf der Behind The Music isser ned dabei...ja. Evolver hab ich ned, aber du :D , und arg, wie war der beklopte tietel? Ne anspielung auf Forclosure of a komm ned drauf. jedenfalls hab ich die auch ned. die sollen alel mal auf DVD rausbringen...und zusaätzlich alle VideoClips die auf Home Videos sind draufpacken

  • ja das Ding heißt Exposure Of A Dream. Da sind aber nur ein paar Musikvideos drauf, glaub ich
    Magst du das A Year And A Half Video von Met, wie die das TBA aufnehmen? Wenn nicht, dürfte die Evolver nicht so der Bringer für dich sein, weil es eben nur um die Aufnahmen geht und oben hast du dich ja schon zu den Kommentaren von Friedman mit "wie langweilig" geäußert!" :D
    Falls du sie doch haben willst (und das willst du ! :D ), musst du das Ding bei Ebay ersteigern, weil es die nicht mehr zu kaufen gibt und als DVD gibts die glaub ich auch net.

  • super, das hab ich noch nie verstanden, wieso Leute viel Geld für Plektren ausgeben, die ein Gitarrist mal gespielt hat.
    Wer garantiert dir denn, dass das auch wirklich mal von Dave gespielt worden ist? Nur weil Megadeth drauf steht?

  • der glaube versetzt berge :D
    ausserdem steht megadeth drauf

    und so teuer wars dann doch nicht

    hach, kannst du nicht verstehen, wenn es wirklich mal seins war, dass das ein klasse gefühl ist?? 8)

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