Backstage tickets for cluberzzz ?

  • Hey Jungs !

    Hat jemand von euch ne ahnung( oder schon erfahrung gemacht ) , wie man mit prem. membership card die horseman vorm konzert trifft, um mit ihnen ein schönes pilz zu schlürften ? ! ?
    habe einmal in Minden bei Sepultura/Metallica Open Air vor dem Konzert einen Bus mit Cluberz reinfahren sehen. vielleicht können wir uns dann auch zusammeschließen. ( Mit metcamp shirt oder membershirt + card )
    ( Berlin , July 7th 03 )
    Freue mich über jede antwort ,
    Salut and ceep your hairs growing !!!
    KH 2 , PRS

  • Hi.

    Dieses Stand auf (ich denk mal das du der englischen sprache mächtig bist)

    When I published the new summer tourdates I also stated that you can get backstagepasses if you join the official fanclub. I have received so many emails about this, so I will try to answer the questions here. Some European dates are published so far, my guess is that they will do a US tour after that and then rest of the world. You should join the fanclub as soon as possible to get your pass.
    Can I really get backstagepasses? Is it true?
    Yes it is, I have been backstage with Metallica two times because I am a member to the club. It has been really killer! I took the photo of James backstage in 1999

    How can I get the pass?
    First you have to be a member to the club. At the show you will find a fanclub table near the entrance. There, show you membership card, and you will get your pass. Some people will get a pre-gig pass, some a post-show pass.

    What happens backstage?
    The fanclub members wait in line for the band to arrive. When they do the band takes the time needed to talk to everyone and sign autographs.

    Does everyone get a pass?
    I have never seen any members who have not received a pass, but there are rules. In case too many members show up, those who have been in the club the longest gets in first. This is why you should join as soon as possible, even if your city is not in the tourdates list.

    Are there other reason to join the club?
    Yes, no fan should live without a membership. "So what" the fanclub magazine is well worth the money alone. You will also get a cool t-shirt, a printed letter from James and a promo photo. Did you know that Metallica have released several studio and live CDs, only available to members? Click here for more info on the club.

    How do I join?
    You will find more info on the club here, or you can go directly to the online membership application. It is also possible to join to regular mail, just print out these forms.

    The sooner you join, the better your chances are to meet the band face to face backstage! Click here || mod

    The Hetfield & Metallicalmer Bang your Head and Drunk Tour 08/09/10

    05.07.2008 Wacken Rocks Seaside
    25.10.2008 Volbeat, Stuck Mojo
    29.11.2008 Saxon, Motörhead
    09.01.2009 Nutellica
    09.03.2009 AC/DC Oberhausen
    17.05.2009 Metallica Köln
    30.08.2009 Wacken Rocks Seaside
    10.10.2009 Jan Delay - Bremen
    08.01.2010 Nutellica Osnabrück
    29.04.2010 Six Feet Under Osnabrück
    13.11.2010 Volbeat Hamburg
    03.12.2010 Johann König - Emden
    22.01.2011 Jan Delay - Lingen

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