Words from Metallica

    In an Entertainment weekly article called "Forecast '03",Metallica and their new album are mentioned and James and Lars are briefly interviewed.
    "Heavy Mettle-Therapy helps a kinder,gentler Metallica Rock louder and harder"

    What's been the biggest change in Metallica while recording their first album of original material since 1997's triple platinum Reload? "There are group hugs every f---ing day," offers drummer Lars Ulrich. "We're making up for 19 years of no physical contact." Indeed,now might be the time to squeeze in a little love: One of Rock's heaviest bands is emerging from a particularly brutal period during which one member quit(Newsted) and another checked into rehab.(James)

    Calling the emerging music "unadulterated" and "more aggro", the Bay Area bashers describe a new conviviality in the studio.

    James:"For lyric writing,overdubs,vocals,and everything,we're hanging out,and it's cool."

    The band has even enlisted the aid of a "performance coach" to keep the harmony flowing.

    Lars:"It's not like how the Beatles went to India and stuff, it's a guy that can help us be the best we can be, post-tough times."

    Entertainment weekly has the new album as coming out in June


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