• METALLICA's ULRICH Dismisses Suggestions Of 'The Osbournes'-Style TV Show - Nov. 8, 2002

    METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich on the prospect of entering the "reality TV" arena with a "The Osbournes"-style show focusing on his family life: "I think 'The Ulrichs' would qualify as the lowest-rated show in television. Our home life is pretty low-key compared to [that of] Ozzy [and his family]."

    Die bisherigen Kommentare dazu zeugten überwiegend von großer Erleichterung bei Blabbermouth! :D

    [CENTER]† I bring poverty, sickness and de(a)th †[/CENTER]

    Dave at the Milton Keyne's Bowl 93':

    "For me today is a very historical day. 10 years of bullshit is over between Megadeth and Metallica."

  • :D

    "Your friend is the one you call to bail you out of jail."
    Your best friend is the one sitting next to you saying. "Dude, that was awesome!"

  • naja, ich glaub nich, dass es ein member von ´tallica machen würde; die halten ihr Privatleben ja ziemlich zurück von der öffentlichkeit - und das is auch gut so ! :]

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