Fighting Spirit

  • METALLICA's KIRK HAMMETT: New Songs Have "Fighting Spirit" - Aug. 15, 2002

    The brand new issue of Rolling Stone magazine (issue #904, cover date: September 5, 2002) includes a short METALLICA studio report containing a few more details about the group's approach to the recording process for the band's much-anticipated new CD, tentatively due in early 2003.

    Among the topics covered in the article are the following:

    The songwriting/recording process for the new CD:

    Kirk Hammett: "When you take a lot of punches, you just want to punch back. We have that fighting spirit, and it's coming through in the songs."

    "Usually when we're in the studio, there's a bad vibe and a lot of one-upmanship. This time, we're saying 'Fuck you' to all that. We're being friends and family first."

    Lars Ulrich: "No one brings in anything they have written [on their own]. Now, the only music that comes in is played by the four of us on the floor."

    "We're going to record these moments [i.e. nearly 30 'blueprints' for songs], and then we'll pick the moments that we want to share."

    "We just wanna take it easy. That's what we're doing post-Jason and after what James has been through. Right now, there's a sense of rebirth. It's not forced. It's just so fucking natural."

    On the first track completed for the new CD, tentatively entitled "Dead Kennedy Rolls":

    "Dead Kennedy Rolls" is an example of what Hammett calls the band's "darker and very reflective" sound. Says Ulrich, "It's three minutes of total fuck-you attitude."

  • passt blos auf, wenn se so weiter machen sind se demnächst noch bei mtv... :O

  • Ich glaub(hoffe:-))sie meinen mit Darker Asd but true und Harvester!
    Da fällt mir grad ein gutes zitat zu sad ein:
    Cliff Burnstein:

    The Sad Riff is the heaviest fucked up riff in music buisness,its music to pull out your teeth!


    Der ist cool :]
    Aber das sind doch echt mal gute News!Hört sich alles gut an!!!

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