Clifford Lee Burton, der viel zu früh verstorbene Metallica-Bassist der ersten 3 Alben, hat trotz seiner kurzen Wirkungszeit Legendenstatus erreicht und wird nach wie vor Fans auf der ganzen Welt verehrt... Hier findet Ihr Zitate von Cliff!


"I remember this guy lit my couch on fire a couple of times."

"We heard this wild solo going on and thought, 'I don't see any guitar player up there.' It turned out it was the bass player, Cliff, with a wah wah pedal and this mop of hair. He didn't care whether people were there. He was looking down at his bass playing"

"Knowing Cliff's attitude, he'd kick our butts if we quit."

"I saw the bus lying right on him. I saw his legs sticking out. I freaked. The bus driver, I recall, was trying to yank the blanket out from under him to use for other people. I just went, 'Don't fucking do that!' I already wanted to kill the guy. I don't know if he was drunk or if he hit some ice. All I knew was, he was driving and Cliff wasn't alive anymore."

"Trying to create a little more mood swings into things. Incorporate more acoustic work to, you know, make the heavier stuff heavier, the dynamics and things like that. We started learning harmonies, which Cliff was really good at, he took music theory, he was basically teaching at least myself a lot about harmonies and how they entwine, how they work together."

"He was a wild, hippie-ish, acid-taking, bell-bottom-wearing guy. He meant business, and you couldn't fuck around with him. I wanted to get that respect that he had. We gave him shit about his bell-bottoms everyday. He didn't care. "This is what I wear. Fuck you." He loved music. He was really intellectual but very to the point. He taught me a lot about attitude"

"People probably thought, 'Oh, they're not going to do the heavy lyrics now because of what happened.' Man, those lyrics mean a lot more to me now."

"Cliff's taken classes in school on music theory, things like mixing harmonies together. I think he took a junior college course."


"Cliff was so completely honest to himself and the people around him. He hated all this being-put-on-a-pedestal bullshit"

"We always miss Cliff, but he is kind of on the record (And Justice For All). The song "To Live Is To Die" is really based on a number of riffs that Cliff wrote a couple of years ago. It's kind of cool to have something written by Cliff on the new album"

"I know Cliff, more than anyone else in the band, would have been the first guy to give us a kick in the ass, and wouldn't want us to sit around. It's what he would have wanted us to do"

"I wasn't too angry in the beginning. I was obviously grieving, but the anger started setting in when I realized that it's not new that people in rock-n-roll die, but usually it's self-inflicted in terms of excessive drink or drug abuse. He had nothing to do with it. It's so useless. Completely useless"

"It was too unreal to just deal with, it was like, you know, this doctor came in to the room I was in at this hospital and told me that our bass player died. And that was... it was just too unreal."

"Cliff Burton was the man who had that wild spirit that makes a band like Metallica a quality band. He wasn't only the bass player, or someone else in the band who co-write the songs, he was the man who made Metallica reach the sky. After his death, Metallica sold their souls for fame and fortune, things that he would never wanted to deal with. He'd never allowed all that "Black Album" to happen, and neither that damn "Load" thing. When Metallica lost their bass player, they also lost their soul"


"He was always against looking too posey, he was always into just looking natural"

"I had seen Cliff in this band called Easy Street when I was like 16 years old at a club called International Cafe in San Francisco. It always stuck in my mind. This guy with wild, wild red hair flying all over the place and a Rickenbacker and a real distinct bass style and I thought to myself, 'This guy is fuckin' wild!"

"We couldn't get it all together and we would argue with each other, and say, well you know: "I want your bunk", "while I want your bunk", bla, bla, bla. I haven't told anyone this by the way, but um, I'm actually saying: "Why don't we just draw our cards", they said "Sure", so. We shuffled the cards and said highest card he gets first choice of bunks. So, you know, I reach for a card and I pick two of hearts, Cliff reaches for a card - he gets Ace of Spades, you know, James gets a card, Lars gets a card. So Cliff has first choice of bunks, so he says "I want your bunk... Kirk", I go "Fine, fine". So he gets my bunk. I end up with a bunk in the front of the bus, which is, like, not as good. And that night the accident happened and, it was a horrible thing because, you know, Cliff was in my former bunk."

"Each time we come to Sweden I think about it, get nostalgic and think of those days, and the accident. It is both good and bad, bad to remember the accident but good to remember Cliff. He is still a big part of my history and in one way or another I actually think of him almost every day."

"The only person who was able to figure out a time and write it on a piece of paper was Cliff. He had an immense knowledge of timing, musical harmonies and music theory in general"

"If we had hung it up, Cliff would've been so pissed off"

"In Denmark while recording Master Of Puppets, we hung out a lot. We'd go out and play poker for 8 hours straight after being up for 24 hours. We'd find a seafood restaurant that was open, eat raw oysters and drink beer, scream at the natives while we were drunk, that's some of my best memories of him"


"There was a huge shadow there. I'd always looked up to him so much"

""He was a great and very special talent. Cliff's solos were absolutely brilliant"

"He is the Hendrix of bass for his ground breaking style"


"We came up here and played with Cliff, who just blew the doors off of anyone we've ever played with. He's the new Steve Harris of metal"


"I don't know if he was the guy who came with Lars to the hotel that first time in L.A., but I met him later in London. Nice guy"


"That Metallica tour lasted over a year and it was amazing. We played all over Europe, and I couldn't believe just how many places a band can play in Europe. And then we came back and did the States with them. All this unfortunately came on the tragic news of Cliff Burton's death. Anthrax originally had gone out with Metallica, only for about a week or so before the bus crash. It broke all of our hearts, I remember getting to know Cliff quite well....we used to chase girls together. He was really a sweet man and such an amazing bass player. We ended up doing Canada and Europe with Metallica on that tour, and that was a HUGE break for Metal Church"


(über Master Of Puppets): "On this album it's the intro to a song called "Damage", done all on bass. It's about eight or 12 tracks of bass, a lot of harmonies and volume swells and effects and stuff. I would hesitate to call it a bass solo, it's more just an intro, but it is all bass. There's also a little bass solo in Orion, it's right next to a little guitar solo. No one will probably be able to tell that it's bass, but it is."

"we had a guitarist named Dave Mustaine? shit, i only remember Kirk and that weird taste in his girlfriends mouth"

"We do what we wanna do--if they consider that selling out then... Whatever."

"When I started, I decided to devote my life to it and not get sidetracked by all the other bullshit life has to offer"

"Personally, I would say the 'master' of this whole thing is fate... Whoever is on the playing field is fair game, and it's up to them to avoid being used."

"Every once in awhile we may fall on our face, but we insist on doing what we wanna do."

"We do what we want...... We don't care what anyone else thinks"