wer möchte da nicht mal hin?


    FINALLY IT happened…and remember the cliché 'all good things come to those who wait?' Well chalk up the Launch Party as another endorsement for these words of wisdom.

    The grand prize winners were met at their SF hotel and chauffered around with Lars, Kirk and James for a tour of some famous Metallimarkers in the Bay Area; Tommy's Joynt, The Mabuhay Gardens, the 'Metallimansion', not much was missed and the guys happily talked about old memories and good times.

    Grand Prize winners on their city tour

    Then it was back to the HQ, where those Grand Prize winners were treated to a gourmet sit down dinner with the band (table cloths, silverware, all the caper!)

    Grand Prize dinner

    The rest of the competition winners landed via bus and everybody retired to a large outside 'party zone' where they were smothered with games, drinks, burgers and hot dogs and some extremely good vibes.

    Parteee Time

    Club staff were on hand to answer questions and generally hang around, CDs of Metalliendorsed music charged out of the speakers (Slayer, Kid Rock, Saxon, you name it the played it) and legendary Bay Area rock DJ Ron Quintana (the man from whom Metallica got their name) MCd the mike with the sort of aplomb you'd expect of a man who has kept metal alive on Bay Area radio station KUSF for over two decades.The guys then took turns escorting every winner on a tour of the HQ (believe us, the guys LOVE this HQ set-up) and with everyone also getting the chance to add some graffiti to a rather large expanse of wall on the outside of the building (yes, Metallica WANTED graffiti on their walls!)

    How do you spell Metallica?

    it was hard to see how much better things could get…then we remembered the bass player sign-up sheet, the 12 names who signed up to play Metallimusic of their choice WITH THE BAND and the terror of the gong that would sound them off were they (frankly) crap…

    Lars checking out the bass player audition

    In the event, all fears of crapness were rendered obsolete. In the intimate setting of one of HQ's larger recording halls, and with the instruments set up in a circular formation to allow full 'round' viewing access for all, everyone played to the CD with full force, and frankly, the gong was fairly unemployed. Of course there could only be two winners, and so it was that Andrew Boyer stepped up to deliver 'Creeping Death' with some serious foundation; unflappable, solid and generally awesome, Boyer even filled the backing vocals with assurance.

    James and Andrew, one of the bass player winners

    Oh, and he got to keep his bass too (thanx to those mighty folks at ESP). Elena Repetto was the other equally assured winner, delivering a sturdy 'Seek & Destroy', cool, calm and yes, she too collected an ESP bass for her driving backbone.

    Elena, next bass player winner, with Lars during Seek And Destroy

    Couldn't get much better right?
    Err, wrong mate.
    It did.
    The guys (along with Bob on bass) then decided it was time to play a mini-gig, and proceeded to deliver a passionate set comprising of 'Commando', 'Hit The Lights', 'Leper Messiah', 'No Remorse', '…Bells', the new cruncher 'Dead Kennedy Rolls' and 'Die Die…' complete with a slew of Metalliwinners on vocals.

    "Damn, I missed you guys!"

    Was it good ?
    Do you really need to ask?

    Dead Kennedy Rolls


    For more pictures & inside info from the party goes, head over to or RELAUNCH PARTY 2002 section.

  • das alter mein freund. wenn du nachdem du so ein leben geführt hast überhaupt noch 40 wirst dann kannst du dich eigentlich nicht beschweren wenn du nur so aussiehst. ich kenne schlimmere. :D

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