Fates Warning "Parallels"- und "Perfect Symmetry"-Re-Releases kommen im Januar an

  • FATES WARNING werden bei Metal Blade Records ihre Alben "Perfect Symmetry" von 1989 und "Parallels" aus dem Jahr 1991 am 12. Januar 2018 wiederveröffentlichen. Beide Alben wurden von Patrick W. Engel remastert.
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    Die "Parallels"-Tracklist:

    01 Leave the Past Behind
    02 Life in Still Water
    03 Eye to Eye
    04 The Eleventh Hour
    05 Point Of View
    06 We Only Say Goodbye
    07 Don't Follow Me
    08 The Road Goes on Forever
    09 Leave the Past Behind (Demo)*
    10 Eye to Eye (Demo)*
    11 Eleventh Hour (Demo)*
    12 Point of View (Demo)*
    13 Don't Follow Me (Demo)*
    * Bonus Tracks (Pre-Production-Demos, gemastert von Brad Vance)

    Die "Perfect Symmetry"-Tracklist:

    01 Part Of The Machine
    02 Through Different Eyes
    03 Static Acts
    04 A World Apart
    05 At Fate's Hands
    06 The Arena
    07 Chasing Time
    08 Nothing Left To Say
    09 Part Of The Machine (Demo)*
    10 Through Different Eyes (Demo)*
    11 Static Acts (Demo)*
    12 The Arena (Demo)*
    13 Nothing Left To Say (Demo)*
    * Bonustracks (Pre-Production-Demos Februar '89 / Silver Cloud Recording, Burbank CA)