Textures nehmen neues Album "Dualism" auf | 29.01.11

    • Textures nehmen neues Album "Dualism" auf | 29.01.11

      Die niederländischen Progressive Metaller TEXTURES sind in die Amsterdamer Split Second Sound Studios gezogen, um dort einen neuen Langspieler aufzunehmen. Die vierte Scheibe der Band wird abermals von TEXTURES-Gitarrist Jochem Jacobs produziert und soll im Herbst über Nuclear Blast Records erscheinen.

      We have started recording our fourth album at Split Second Sound studios in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The album will be produced by TEXTURES’ guitar player Jochem Jacobs, who also was responsible for the production of TEXTURES’ previous albums.

      Jochem had the following to say about the recordings of the album.

      “It’s all really exciting! This album is really going to express where and what we are these days….and that’s a good thing. We’ve been through a lot lately, especially the last year. Now with some new air and fresh ideas, we finally reached the point that we are actually quite confident in the new material..Sometimes you just have to crawl through the mud first to get to dry grounds. We are in the middle of the preproduction now, getting our asses in gear…to create this baby. It’s kinda cool to see this band grow more and more and to continue this musical journey that we’ve been on for 10 years! Let’s make this thing heavy!!! “

      The yet untitled album will see its release in the fall of 2011 through Nuclear Blast Records

      We’ll have a lot more news soon!! Stay tuned!

      "Habe Mut, dich deines eigenen Verstandes zu bedienen."

      Immanuel Kant

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      TEXTURES have announced the title of their new album — Dualism — which will see its release in Europe, South America, Australia and Asia on the 23th of September and in North America on the 27th of September via Nuclear Blast Records. The album was recorded at Split Second Sound Studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and was produced by guitar player Jochem Jacobs. The first single, “Reaching Home,” will be released on 19th of August through all major download sites.

      The artwork of the album was designed by former TEXTURES’ frontman Eric Kalsbeek and the band’s bass player Remko Tielemans. Eric had the following to say: ‘The guys asked me to co-create the artwork together with Remko, for good old times’ sake. Of course I said yes! I might not be in the band anymore, but I’m still involved in some ways. We’re still pretty close, you know. It was a challenge, it had to be ‘different’ but still Textures-like. Hope you like it!’

      Track listing:

      1) Arms of the Sea
      2) Black Horses Stampede
      3) Reaching Home
      4) Sanguine Draws the Oath
      5) Consonant Hemispheres
      6) Burning The Midnight Oil
      7) Singularity
      8 Minor Earth, Major Skies
      9) Stoic Resignation
      10) Foreclosure
      11) Sketches from a Motionless Statue

      In support of the album the band will extensively tour the United States, Canada, UK, France and The Netherlands.

      "Habe Mut, dich deines eigenen Verstandes zu bedienen."

      Immanuel Kant

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    • Erster Song vom neuen Album steht jetzt im Stream bereit.
      "Here we go! We have just uploaded the first taste of new music from our forthcoming album Dualism. The track, entitled “Singularity,” is streaming on our Facebook page. The only thing you need to do is hit the “Like” box if you haven’t already."

      We have just released the third and final studio report of our new album Dualism.

      "Habe Mut, dich deines eigenen Verstandes zu bedienen."

      Immanuel Kant
    • Ich packe es mal mit hier rein:

      Textures gehen Anfang 2012 auf Europa-Tour. Vorband ist SYLOSIS.

      Hier die Daten im deutschsprachigen Raum:

      29-02-2012 Luxor Koln Germany
      01-03-2012 Kiff Aarau Switzerland
      02-03-2012 R’n’R Arena Romagnano Sesia Italy
      03-03-2012 Isc Amalgame Yverdon Switzerland
      04-03-2012 Schlachthof Wiesbaden Germany
      05-03-2012 Chelsea Vienna Austria
      07-03-2012 Kwadrat Krakow Poland
      08 -03-2012 Progresja Warsaw Poland
      09-03-2012 Magnet Berlin Germany
      10-03-2012 Matrix Bochem Germany
      11-03-2012 013 Tilburg The Netherlands

      Wenn Klausur-mäßig alles passt, bin ich am 4.3. im Schlachthof anzutreffen. Vorrangig aber wegen Sylosis, die dieses Jahr ein Hammer-Album rausgebracht haben...